FAQ - about chartering a boat with Angelina Yachtcharter in Croatia

Welcome to our frequently asked questions section.

What are my extra costs in the base?

Obligatory to every reservation is Transit log, that includes final cleaning, gas, bedlinen, W-Lan 70GB/week, basic package for toilets and kitchen, check in and out services.

Additional to this you are paying Tourist tax, that is regulated by the law. TOURIST TAX must be paid at the base, prior to embarkation for the entire accommodation period. Tourist tax 10,00 kn (ca 1,30 EUR) for adults, 5,00 kn (ca 0,65 EUR) for children per night (obligatory – cash HRK only).

How do I leave my deposit?

We accept only Maestro, MasterCard and Visa card, or you can leave the deposit in cash.

If interested in Deposit insurance, you must know this service is possible only within Comfort Package. Comfort Package includes transit log, outboard engine (2,5/5,0 HP) and insurance of deposit (refundable deposit obligatory). Price according to our Price list.

Where can I park my car and what about payment?

Every Marina has its own parking yard. This is handled by Marina Reception and all responsibility goes with them. Parking is paid, usually in Kuna and cash only, on the Marina Reception.

When can I send you my crew list data?

We have our system for the crew list, feel free to request link for update of your crew list. One-week before charter we would need to have the crew list.

What documents do you require for check-in?

Be sure you have your ID car or passport with you, but also that the person named as the skipper brings his/her skipper and VHF license.

If I hire a skipper, who pays for the damage?

You, as a charterer, is the one leaving the deposit on the check-in. If having a skipper with you, organized from our side, she/he is responsible for any damage in navigation. But all damages that may occur on boat, such as torn cushions, damage on the table/doors etc., are charged by the crew from the deposit left on the check-in.

When is regular check-in starting?

Regular check-in starts Saturday from 17:00 till Sunday 11:00. What if I come late on Saturday and miss check-in hours? In this case, please, call the base and advise them on your late arrival so we could leave a boat open for you and the paperwork will follow on Sunday morning, from 8 a.m.

What if I come late on Saturday and miss check-in hours?

In this case, please, call the base and advise them on your late arrival so we could leave a boat open for you and the paperwork will follow on Sunday morning, from 8 a.m.

When do we need to be back for a check-out?

Obligatory check-out starts on Friday at 6 p.m. with the diving inspection. You are kindly asked to be in your Marina till that time. Colleagues’ skippers will come and make a check-out procedure on boat with you.

Do we charge extra diving inspection for arriving late?

If arriving late on Saturday, without valid reason, we keep the right to extra charge a dive..

What is the procedure in case of an accident?

If an accident happens or any damage occurs while your charter, please, be sure to, right away, call our technical support or our base number. We will do our best to provide you the best service and to solve your problem, if possible, in the shortest possible time. If you had a collision with some other boat, please inform us and be sure to advise captain office on this.

Is sailing allowed outside Croatian National Waters?

We do not allow sailing outside Croatian National Waters.

Is passing 'Zdrelac bridge' allowed?

This is strictly forbidden for all boats, except Vektor 950, Bavaria 32 and Bavaria 33.

Do you offer transfer and what is needed for arrangement?

We will be pleased organizing the transfer from airport to any of our base. We would need this information in advance, at least few days before your arrival, with pax number, airport/base name, flight data. You will pay this service to your driver, please.

Do we buy groceries before the arrival?

Depending on your plans, you are always advised to make basic shopping before arriving to the base or after the check-in procedure. Please note that before the check-in procedure is done on boat, you are not allowed to bring your luggage or groceries on boat.

While sailing you will probably moor on some of the island, and you must know that most of the villages and cities on the islands have shops and small markets, so we recommend you buy fresh local food.

Do we need to fulfil the fuel before the check-out?

On check-in skipper will show you that the fuel is filled and the same way we expect from you to bring it back.

Can we come back on Saturday morning?

You are obligated to return to the base on Friday evening, till 6 p.m. If you have a valid reason for not making this so, please call our base and announce your arrival.

If there is smaller damage happened on boat, do I call technical support?

You are kindly asked to always call our service so we could be prepared on your arrival for the job that needs to be done on boat, so the next crew could get their boat without any problem.

Do I get an invoice for the damage event and who pays for it?

Yes, you do, with the description of the damage, so you could proceed this document to your insurance company and we will charge it from your deposit.

Do I need to clean the boat before disembarking?

You found perfectly clean boat so we kindly ask from you to be sensible with the crew arriving after you and make sure you collect your garbage, wash the dishes and collect all your value possession.

Do I put trash away before I leave the boat?

Please do so. Make sure you recycle and throw garbage in separate trays.

Can I leave my luggage somewhere and how much does it cost?

Only in Trogir base we have option of leaving your luggage in our storage space, free of charge.

What time reception opens and closes?

Charter reception works Monday -Thursday from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. and Friday - Saturday from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Sunday opens at 8 a.m. and closes at noon.

What happens when I have a complaint?

On your check-out with the skipper on boat, be sure you mention your complaint and skipper will advise you to write this on your check-out in our office and explanation why and what for is your complaint about. Base will then send this to our main office and in maximum 15 working days you will receive our review and answer on the situation.

To whome do I send my claim to?

Please note that the best situation is that you say your claim while check-our procedure, cause all claims received after this will be considered as non valid.

I never got the answer to my claim, why?

This may also happen, so please, be so kind and repeat your mail to our main office on info@angelina.hr. We will make sure to investigate why this happened and do our best to solve your claim.

I have a possible cancellation of the reservation, what now?

Cancellation of the reservation can happen in few scenarios. If you need to cancel the reservation and no payment is yet done, we have no other choice but to cancel it without any charge.

If you are making cancellation after the first or second payment, we will make a credit note for your, but only after we manage to sell your boat/date. You are free to transfer this credit note to your future reservation.

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