Catamaran Bali Catspace "QUEEN BEE": The latest addition to the fleet

20. July, 2021

Angelina yacht charter is always eager to introduce new yacht to its fleet. So, the customers booking them for their sailing holidays in Croatia can have an amazing experience on Croatian waters. However, here we are to introduce the most innovative and successful addition to the fleet of Angelina yacht charter.


Angelina Yacht Charter is announcing the launch of a new website

14. July, 2021

While our boats, yachts, and other sailing services are already amazing, we are very excited to let you know about the launch of our new website. Although there was an old website, we made sure that we kept up with the trends to make things better for our clients. So, after months of hard work, we are finally able to launch the new yacht charter website with a lot of amazing benefits.


Sailing with Children: Mind your safety?

14. April, 2021

Before bringing children on board, you should be aware that it is a big responsibility to handle the boat as well as the people onboard. To guarantee a smooth sailing journey, follow these safety tips, to ensure children feel secure so they may enjoy themselves too.


Top 5 Islands in Croatia You Should Visit!

7. April, 2021

Known for its richness in history which is vibrant in its land, Croatia is one of the most remarkable places, which needs more recognition.


Sailing yacht or catamaran? What to book for your sailing holidays?

26. March, 2021

Sailing holidays help you relieve stress and become free from all your daily worries. However, choosing the right boat for a sailing holiday is the most crucial thing that you should be mindful of.


What to cook on your sailing holiday?

1. March, 2021

Many people wonder what dishes are the easiest to cook in a short amount of time and these are some of our suggestions regrading what to cook while you are enjoying your sailing along wonderful Croatian coast.

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