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Code of conduct on board

Dear guests, please read following rules, so your staying on boat would be as pleasant as possible.

For any further information, please contact our office.

  • Regular check-in is from 05:00 pm – 08:00 pm on Saturday; obligatory return in on Friday till 06:30 pm with regular check-out on Saturday till 08:30 am.
  • Skipper is responsible for the ship, crew and passengers as for boat equipment.
  • Crew is responsible for their belongings. Charter leaves no responsibility in case of lost goods.
  • When leaving the boat, turn of all pumps and taps, switch off the light and any electrical device and make sure all windows and doors are looked.
  • Charter has right to enter the boat if it is suspected that possible damages or dangers should be stopped, even in absence of client.
  • It is strictly prohibited to destroy or violate boat or boat equipment and it is not allowed to make any noise between 11:00 pm and 07:00 am.
  • Smoking inside the boat is forbidden.
  • Only people written on the crew list are allowed to use boat equipment.
  • Any weapon, flammable or explosive materials are strictly forbidden on boat.
  • Any device or machine that is not standard boat equipment can be taken and used on boat only if agreed with the Charter. Make sure you mentioned this to the Base employee that will hand over the boat.
  • Animals are allowed with previous consent of the Charter.
  • In case of damage on boat, collision, problem with the installations or motor, lost of goods or any boat equipment, guest is obliged to report the event to the Charter or Base Manager immediately. If Charter establishes that certain damage occurred, with the skipper responsibility, this will be charged on the check-out.
  • Crew is responsible for boat cleanliness. On check-in guests have received clean boat, inside and outside and it is obliged to return the boat in the same condition. If Charter establishes that boat is not in proper condition, additional penalty can be charged.
  • Taking boat devices, security equipment or any other boat equipment, such as bed-linen or towels, from the boat, is not allowed.
  • In case of disregard of this rules or any part of the General Terms and Conditions, that can be found on Boat Papers, Charter has the right to take over the boat and disembark the guest.
  • Your remarks or comments can be written on the 'Book of Complaint' that can be found on the Charter office or can be told to the Base manager.

Wish you a pleasant staying!

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