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Yacht investment

Affection for sea and the boats has always run in my family. Unfortunately, I do not have enough space to inform you in details of one tradition that is now more than 20 years long. Angelina's pages are written by people that gave their best to implement their knowledge and hard work; therefore they earned her a title of the best charter company in Croatia in 2015.

Majority of the vessels in Angelina's fleet are within charter management program which means that our team is made of not just our workers but also people that decided to connect their love for sailing and the desire to own a vessel and turned the passion into business.

If you want to be a part of our story and success feel free to contact us for further information!

We will be happy to advice you with the purchase the right vessel, the equipment and also with all the administration work. We also have transparent online system in which you can always check your profit.

Together we can achieve great business goals and add more chapters to Angelina story.

Luka Šangulin

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